日韓学生会議の母体は、1985年に韓国で開催された韓日学生会議にあります。日韓両国の関係を憂える学生の手によって行われ、両国の相互理解の促進と国際平和への貢献という理念のもと開 催されました。
  1991年、日韓国交正常化25周年を機に、それまで韓国でのみ開催されてきた韓国国際学生協会との交換プログラムを、双方の強い要望により年に二度日韓両国でそれぞれ行うこととなり、第8回日 韓学生会議として総合テーマを「真の日韓友好を目指して」と設定しました。以後、日韓学生会議は、 国際政治、社会、経済、文化など多方面からの活発な討論と研修旅行を行っております。1994年の 第14回日韓学生会議では、「朝鮮半島統一」を目指し参加者がそれぞれ決められた役割のもとに現代の日韓関係を考えるという、画期的な国際シュミレーションゲームが行われました。また、2001年 の第26回日韓学生会議では「アジア新時代への挑戦」という総合テーマのもと、より良い日韓関係を築くだけでなく、日本と韓国が手を取り合うことによてアジア全体を活気付けて行くことを目指して活発な討論が行われました。



<The Japan-South Korea student meeting holding purpose>

It is the duty of the young generations, we, to guess future and to clear a new time. It is important that the young men, we who bear the next generation especially in the Japan-South Korea relation which holds many problems, contribute to the solution. And the purpose of this Japan-South Korea student meeting is carrying out a part and aiming at stability after such consciousness, as Japan-South Korea-related is peaceful.
A Japan-South Korea student meeting is the exchange which the man and man by the student of both countries of Japan and the Republic of Korea faced. It is thought that the ring of mutual understanding is extended just to the exchange such whose a face is visible. We the students should have the capability which can put the further light to the Japan-South Korea relation in the 21st century, and its possibility. In order to employ the ability efficiently, mutual common feeling is polished, and if an attractive relation can be built is considered.

<History of a Japan-South Korea student meeting>

The mother's body of a Japan-South Korea student meeting is in the South Korea-Japan student meeting held in the Republic of Korea in 1985. It was performed by the hand of the student who is anxious about the relation of Japan-South Korea both countries, and was held also as an idea called promotion of mutual understanding of both countries, and the contribution to international peace. A strong request of both sides will perform twice the exchange program with the South Korean international student association held till then only in the Republic of Korea for a year in Japan-South Korea both countries, respectively at the time of the 25 [ Japan-South Korea normalization-of-diplomatic-relations ]th anniversary, and the comprehensive theme was set up with " as an 8th Japan-South Korea student meeting in 1991 aiming at the Japan-South Korea friendship of "truth. Henceforth, the Japan-South Korea student meeting is performing an active discussion and the active study tour of since international politics, society, economy, culture, etc. are various. At the 14th Japan-South Korea student meeting in 1994, the epoch-making international simulation game of considering a present-day Japan-South Korea relation was performed on the basis of the role the participant was decided to be aiming at "the Choseon Bando unification", respectively. Moreover, at the 26th Japan-South Korea student meeting in 2001, active discussion was performed aiming at it not only building the basis of the comprehensive theme "a challenge to an Asia new time", and a better Japan-South Korea relation, but being able to become active about whole Asia Japan and the Republic of Korea taking a hand, and going a thing.